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Hintech Electric's mission is to enhance the procurement of Alco Controls components for the HVACR industry. We thank every customer for their support in fulfilling our mission! Alco Controls is now known as Flow Controls. Our product lines ensure safety, durability and meeting standards functional in food storage equipment, unitary refrigeration system, food, industrial & biomedical refrigeration, chilled & frozen food transport applications. Our products have earned great market acceptance. Quite simply it is designed for real life and for the challenges our customers meet with every day. Compact design, perfect control and easy-to-use! Every aspect of our Emerson Flow Controls' design and construction is best-in-class. It is field tested and can be used with confidence project-after-project, job-after-job, year-after-year. Built to the highest standards to withstand any conditions -- pressure, chemical, heat, frost, salt........ Purchase inquiry. You can download your copy of the complete catalogSubscribe to us by Email.


Flow Controls Product Line -  thermal expansion valves - solenoid valves - coils - industrial solenoid valves - shut off valves - system protectors - storage devices - oil controls - regulators - temperature pressure control - electrical control valves

Copeland  - semi hermetic compressors - hermetic compressors - scroll compressors - industrial compressors





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